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Cindy and Stuart Weddington Owners of the Little Yellow Bench Company

Cindy and Stuart Weddington

When you come into The Little Yellow Bench Company,  we feature a full line of our handmade skin products, spa products, and candles.  You can order any product and pick scent and color or make your own products at the custom counter.  We are there to help you pick out the scent from over 500 and color.


You may want to see Stuart in his Custom Woodworking Shop. If you have furniture that needs repaired or want a unique furniture custom designed for you.


Small classes designed to help you create custom items that you are sure to enjoy. We make soap, candles, warming tarts, skin care and spa products and more. Check out our Class schedule HERE


We offer parties that are sure to make everyone smile.  We can do kids parties to Ladies Wine and Cheese parties, bachelorette or just friends getting out of the house and having some FUN! For more information about our parties click HERE.


We will soon have our new Art Studio completed. We will have local art and jewelry and will also feature art classes in addition to our candle and body care product making classes.



“The Little Yellow Bench”

Everyone wants to know about our Name


The Little Yellow Bench

The Little Yellow Bench

The Story of The Little Yellow Bench is very unique. My wife had passed away and I was left with lots of emotions, Anger and hurt was just of few that I knew that I had to deal with. One day my two sons had a trailer full of rubbish by my house that they were about to be disposed of. I immediately connected to a yellow bench that was amongst the rubbish. I asked if I could have the bench and they commented on how I was becoming a hoarder. They gave it to me and I placed it by my house. There was something special about this bench, it was weathered, few soft spots on the bottom from water, and one leg that if you picked it up would fall off.   Yes, you could say it had seen its better days.   I began sitting on the bench and talking to God about what was on my heart. The anger came out, the hurt, the why’s …..I begin sitting on the bench daily and decided I needed to move it to a special place in the yard. I placed the bench between two cypress trees in front of the water. This became the medicine I needed to renew my spirit with God and began to heal.


After several months I begin seeing special women in my life. I knew the Yellow Bench would be an important part of our relationship and we began meeting on the bench. We both had a past of hurts and unanswered questions that we would need to resolve. Meeting God at the bench was an important part of our relationship. Seven months later I would propose to my wife on that same yellow bench and marry her just a few yards away. I retired and knew God still had plans for our new life together. We decided to work together on our own business. I was trying to figure out what to name our business, my wife setting on the yellow bench patted the bench and said, How about, “The Little Yellow Bench Company”.  

I finally figured out what God was trying to tell me, like the little yellow bench “It doesn’t matter how beat up you are, or what you have been through, I still have a purpose for you.”


 This Bench represents taking time, renew and refresh with your loved one.  You both can grow closer to each other and to God. We encourage you to place this bench in a place that will give you a getaway from life and focus on what really matters.  We would love to hear from each of you on where you placed your Little Yellow Bench. Each English Style Yellow Bench is handmade using all natural wood that will withstand outdoor elements or can be used indoors. Contact us if you’d like to have your own ‘Little Yellow Bench’

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