The Little Yellow Bench | Class Schedule
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Class Schedule

All Natural Products

Classes  $25

Classes are so much fun at The Little Yellow Bench Company! Get some friends together and spend a couple of hours creating and learning.

We have  TLYBC classroom featuring natural products that you will select your products and your custom blended scent.



The Nest is our art studio.  Featuring seasonal Projects.

Look at the bottom of this page for booking at the nest painting

Hope to see you at the Little Yellow Bench Company soon!

TLYBC Classroom

March   7th – 11th 

Scrub Week:

Shea Butter sugar or salt scrub. made with 5 ounces of sweet almond oil,

4 ounces of shea butter your scent you choose and blend to a perfect scrub.

Sugar scrub lip balm

Foot scrub and lotion set.



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March 14th – 18th

Facial week:

Face Scrub, soft scrub cleanser without removing  moisture from you face.

Toner: remove makeup using   Rose water toner

Clay mask: design the perfect mask for your skin.

TLYBC Classroom

Spring Break 21st-25th

Pick 3


8 ounce candle                                  Pillow Spray

Body Butter                                        Body Wash

Lotion                                                    Shampoo

Body glitter perfume                          Hair Mask

Linen Spray                                            Perfume

Body Spray                                             1 cup glycerin soap

Foaming Hand Wash                           Salt Scrub

Bath Bomb                                            Sugar Scrub

Lip balm                                                1 cup Goatsmilk Soap

March 28th – 1St

Easter soap, Bath Fizz easter bags, Lip Balm

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Book A Class Now!

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Make Candles and Soaps with your Friends